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2014 Tournament of Heroes: The Epic Conclusion!

2014 Tournament of Heroes: The Epic Conclusion!

DC versus Marvel_1Welcome one and all to the epic finale of Hold 322’s second annual Tournament of Heroes. As you may recall from last year’s tournament, we had a field of 64 heroes and in the end Thor was the last one standing. This year’s tournament was much different than last year’s in several ways. This year the field of heroes was only 32 to start with, not 64, and broken up into four 8 hero teams managed by…

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Issue #118 - Hold 322 - Final Round!

Issue #118 – Hold 322 – Final Round!

Deadpool_27_CoverThis week on Hold 322! We finish our Tournament of Heroes… will the dice remain in Bob’s favor? We also announce our Salt Lake Comic Con Panel schedule, so you’ll know where and when to find us! We also find out: will Nathan Fillion appear in Guardians of the Galaxy? Scarlet Johansson cut one of her own scenes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And Archieis going to die… heroically.…

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178 The LEFT Show - HerRection

178 The LEFT Show – HerRection

Total brain squish … I know Deb Henry was here, but, I’m buggered if I remember what the hell we talked about … and I even have a list. Deb joined FORREST SHAW, JM Bell, JC Carter, and Bob Easton to chat about the news of last week. I do remember apologizing to the entire world.

178 The LEFT Show – Her-Rection



OUTRAGE RAGE Limbaugh: Colbert Hire Is Declaration Of ‘War On The…

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Today I went to the cup noodle factory (& museum) in Osaka, Japan. It’s quite far out of the city, but after I read that you get to make your own cup noodle for 300¥ (£1.70/$2.90), I just had to go there. You go through the whole process of decorating a cup, adding the dry noodles, soup powder & your choice of 4 dry ingredients (I did pork, onion, garlic & decorative ducks). Then the cup is all sealed up (you even get to operate the machine to seal and fill it) and you pop it into an inflatable bubble bag with a red cord to take home with you!

2014 Tournament of Heroes Round Three

2014 Tournament of Heroes Round Three

Welcome back one and all to Hold 322’s second annual Tournament of Heroes.

So far we have done all of the first three rounds. Here are this week’s round three (the Elite 8) results:

Fight One: Thor vs. Superman

Superman with Thor's hammer and Cap's shieldJeff got the round started by challenging JC’s team with his last remaining hero and last year’s tournament champion, Thor! JC countered with Superman, picked Thom to be the judge and the…

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Issue #117 - Hold 322 - Round 3 (the Path of the Righteous Man)

Issue #117 – Hold 322 – Round 3 (the Path of the Righteous Man)

3731812-aquaman+and+the+others+01This week on Hold 322… It’s time for Round 3 of our astounding Tournament of Heroes! Who will win? Who will lose? Who will move onto the final rounds? Yes, we all saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and yes, you get our review and possibly a few spoilers. In comics, Angel and Faith starts its Season 10 run, Aquaman and the Others launches, and Ultimate Spider-Mancelebrates its 200th issue!…

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